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Glamour Style : The Beauty of Pearls

Pearls have long been prized by men and women throughout the centuries as a ready to wear gem; from the royal courts throughout the ages to the advent of the first cultured Akoya pearl necklaces coming from Japan waiting to be fastened around the necks of GI Brides all over America after World War II, pearls have staked their place in history as a mainstay in fashion. And as times have changed so has the look of classic pearl jewelry.

Pearls were the first gemstone adornment used by man, owing to the fact that it is the only gem that required no cutting, polishing or refinement in any way. A unique jewel, the pearl is the only gemstone produced by a living organism; the oyster's body yields easily to man's never-ending quest for beauty incarnate. Known as "The Tears of the Gods" due to their perfectly lustrous countenances, their origins shrouded in mysticism, pearls were highly revered by the Romans, the Middle East and the Chinese, where their fame has spread the world over. Symbolizing status, purity and love, pearls quickly became the preferred jewel to adorn elegant, stylish women and brides-to-be the world over.

Fashion icon Coco Chanel revolutionized pearl fashion, using her fondness of faux pearls to complete her signature style. Who can forget the epitome of charm and grace, Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's gazing into the shop window with her oversize black sunglasses and triple-strand pearl necklace? Today, we have the first female Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, who prefers her numerous multi-color Tahitian and South Sea pearl necklaces to diamonds any day, to make a statement of style and intelligence that is sophisticated yet fashion-forward.

Designers are mixing tradition with the cutting edge, using pearls heavily this Season in thickly layered ropes, pairing pearls with heavy gold chains, large semi-precious gemstones and diamond accents, the sky is the limit for these new combinations. The world of pearls has exploded into a riot of fun, fresh color that can add just the right touch of sophistication or the razor edge any wardrobe is begging for, as these gems become more exotic and easily available. Nowhere is that more evident than the hallowed glossy pages of Elle and Vogue, where pearls are featured on models touting Juicy Couture, YSL and Jil Sanders and many more- the South Seas ring that Sarah Jessica Parker wears in her new perfume campaign? To die for!!

 With the additions of exotic White Tahitian pearls, the unique couture shapes of Baroques, sumptuous and touchable South Sea pearls in gold and silver, and the pastel array of rainbow that Freshwater pearls are available in today, just about any statement you wish to make can be said with pearls! Yesterday, today and tomorrow pearl jewelry will remain the staple accessory in women's wardrobes of all ages.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Online Shopping Banking Security

Since the broadcasting of the requirements needed for all website owners to ensure that they have applied the new EU cookie policy directive, the law which applies to how you use cookies and similar technologies for storing information on a user’s equipment such as their computer or mobile device changed on 26 May 2011.
I decided to input my experience into this article to help clarify how this and internet security affects us whilst conducting transactions to business online.
I have previously in the past like so many others out there have been a victim subjected to fraudulent act of being “cloned”!
I have since taken it upon myself to be more vigilant and more responsible about my personal details when online shopping!
By adding all the resources that are available at hand, I have reduced significantly the risk of security breach of my personal details when using the internet to conduct my online banking, online shopping or any other banking transactions online.
As a matter of interest, the statistics in the US and the UK have shown that year on year since 2011 of customers using online shopping as increased!
The biggest main feature for this is free delivery, ease and comfort of your own home, availability of products, the comfort of securing an item before you go to the high street store and better discount!
When it comes to the High Street and Online Shopping, both modes of shopping share the same feat when it comes to the use customer personal data!
There share the same collection of information such as address, contact numbers because either it’s used for delivery purposes or is used for statistic such as demographics (areas in the country by certain products)!
The issue for me is not the above, but because of either complacency or ignorance of our responsibility to ensure that we carry out diligent measures to protect our personal information.
It’s our responsibility so we must ask questions of our own conduct and act on them.
Before we can look at what we can do to address security of our data, I have summarised some of the computer terminology and services that in many cases seems like “mumbo jumbo” (confusing or meaningless subject), I hope to make things more transparent and easily digestible, to enable empowerment of your movement when using your data online.

We have read and it has been well documented on the website concerning the use of the Internet Cookie and more importantly the EU cookie law 2011 have made it compulsory that when customers are landing on websites, they are given the opportunity to either permit the use enabling a customer’s cookie to be used on that website or for it not to be used!
Not quite clear? Ok there are many more informed people out there who can explain as the mechanics of the Internet Cookie or as it well know HTTP Cookie and what levels and uses they carry out on the website!
Let’s step back from all that and try to look at this in a more digestible manner! You browse to a website, shopping, or just comparing prices, each time you enter a website you leave a footprint of your existence!

The whole point of cookies and the level of information they collect, are fine to a point, as without this mechanism websites wouldn’t function properly as they rely on your personal information to make your experience on their website an enjoyable one, hopefully leading to you as a customer to click through the website purchase a product!
The data that is collected and the use of this has been a question for a long time, hence websites have to show there Private Policy to explain what your data is used for and why!
This factor for me is not the issue, it’s the way your personal information is stored and for how long!
For a long time this factor of the storage of your data if kept for longer than necessary because a target for fraudsters, who have become adept in engineering ways to intercept and copy your most sensitive personal information.

Social Engineering - confidence tricksters
This is the art of manipulating people into revealing confidential information. Fraudsters are using every tick in the book to retrieve your sensitive data by conjuring up many  ways to  for you to innocently provide information that will lead to compromising your personal information and leaving you with either a debt or county judgement on your credit rating! Fraud, in most cases the attacker never comes face-to-face with the victims.

Typical scenarios of social engineeringare those e-mails we often get, you know the ones! The offers that are incredibly too good to be true!
You know the answer, when something looks too good to be it’s more likely that it is!
Do not open and entertain, DELETE
Then there are some e-mails that centre the e-mail on emotional vulnerability, looking for you to participate in the scheme and getting a reward, but only if you can help by sending you bank details for the operation to be completed!
Again this is intended to work on your better nature and for you to drop your guard!
Please just delete and don’t entertain!
Watch out for the more ingenious methods that are now engineered and catching so many people out, simply because it’s designed to catch those of us that like to argue and dispute!

Don’t be in hindsight after the fact, do not entertain any e-mails that direct you to business websites to update you details for whatever reason, its FAKE!
No Banking establishment will ever ask you to send your personal banking details by e-mail, or PAYPAL would never ask you to do the same!
Never send your personal banking details or otherwise by e-mail via going to a re-directed link from an e-mail! This is designed to capture your details.
All the above cases are classed as “phishing scams”

Keystroke loggers- Keylogger Programs
Keylogger programs have gotten a LOT more sophisticated and a lot more common recently. These programs are hidden in other programs, and rely on infection (like viruses) rather than deception (like phishing).
Spyware is a type of malicious software (called ‘malware’) that scammers try to install on your computer.
In a sign of the growing diversity of phishing scams, a new e-mail combines social engineering tricks and HTML coding to defraud victims using a keylogging program that attempts to capture banking usernames and passwords.

All too often  people are succumbing to clicking on links through curiosity and not knowing the consequences all too often ends with the prospective fraudster embedding their programs within your internet browser, only to be triggered when you browse to certain sites like online banking!
Being aware and using common sense should be used at all times when opening e-mails of which 90% of e-mails we receive are junk mail!
More than ever people are conducting transactions on the internet, either purchasing products or online banking.
When you are completing both types of transactions you are entering your personal details on websites pages known as  Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), which in a nutshell a page that is encrypts sensitive information.

Encryption is the conversion of data into a form called ciphertext that cannot be easily understood by unauthorized people, within this process is decryption which is converting encrypted data back into its original form.
When you logon to a website you should be looking at various things to ensure that the site you are on is SECURE!
You should look for the following:-
When you are about to divulge your information, checking that the website address has HTTPS before the address, indicating a secure web page, if not DO NOT USE IT!
Also you can confirm that the webpage is encrypted by the padlock sign in the address window!
Online Banking
If you are logging onto a bank website then I would ensure that the cards you are using has been registered via your bank to a service called verified by visa!
It’s a service devised by credit companies who got together to help devise a single point of verifying a card owner’s card by carrying out secure steps every time you conduct a transaction online. You create an account and setup your secure details, which you authenticate every time you use your card online. These steps come under a secure process by verified by visa, 3D secure, authorisation, and settlement (not all cards come under verified by visa).

Added Security for online banking
Most of the banks have adapted to a service that all customers should use as a must called Trusteer Rapport, It disables key logging and screen capturing of credentials and personal information used to perpetrate account takeover and cross-channel fraud. Additional protection layers stop endpoint infection via drive-by-downloads and automate malware removal from infected devices. And, Phishing of login credentials and payment card data is blocked while fraud teams are notified of threat activity and compromised credentials. Trusteer Rapport for Online Banking software can be installed on any end user platform including Windows, Mac OS and Virtual Desktops.
Personal Tips!
Before you start looking into the tips below, if you’re PC is running like car with its brakes on, very slow, or its performance has steadily worsened over time or you suspect that your PC has been attacked by a virus! Then I would seriously consider, setting your computer back to when you first had it, this will entail re-installing your operating system, Windows 7 or Windows XP or Vista.
You will need to copy your personal files, photos etc. to an external storage device, such as pen drives, burn the data to a CD /DVD or an external hard drive. Whichever methods you use ensure you copy ALL your files, as when you re-install the software you will lose everything that was not backed up (copied), when apply back a fresh install of Windows 7, XP or Vista.
As below suggests, where you have a clean install or you have kept the same, ensure you keep your antivirus up to date.
Antivirus Protection
Free version – you get what you pay for!
Paid version – Ensure when you choose an Antivirus package included in that package you have anti-spyware and firewall!
The company is well known, as you will have continual updates of any critical virus outbreaks
Good after purchase support
The package you choose will have incorporated e-mail security and child monitoring options, to ensure they don’t start clicking on un-wanted websites and answering spam e-mail.
Regular antivirus updates
Credit Card security – Do reveal to anyone your card details!
Change your card at the bank every 6 months; it’s a sure way of ensuring that you don’t get complacent with leaving your card details on many vendor sites for too long! A great tip I was given by the Police when my credit card was compromised!

Security on your PC
Delete the following as often as you can!
Delete your Temporary internet files!

1.       Location is in your profile location on your PC, but if you follow below this will open up the files that are nested in the folder (not all the files will delete as you may have a program open that uses it!)

Windows 7, type in the run box below %temp%

Windows XP, click, start, run, type %temp%, then ok and the same folder will appear, delete all the files that will delete.

1.      Deleting History files from your device
            Internet Explorer open, click on TOOLS > INTERNET OPTIONS see below

Next click the check box – Delete browsing history on exit > Click the DELETE button

Check all the boxes as below to DELETE all relevant files that are saved on your computer that would otherwise be there to be exploited the longer they stay on your device!
     Click DELETE to complete the task

You must complete the above actions frequently, as this is just some ways malware (spyware) get to nestle in those locations to carry out their fraudulent actions of collection your most personal details from your computer.
It’s a must that you have an antivirus that has anti-spyware and firewall
Ensure when you divulge your personal details that the web page is secure, padlock icon and HTTPS is front of the web page address
Do not open spam e-mails and click on any links!
Subscribe your credit cards to verisignfirstly speak to your bank!

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Dress Sense Tips – Women’s Fashion Clothing

Dress sense applies to everyone whether we are considered to be slim or not, we all suffer dressing wrongly to compliment ourselves, it may be wrong length skirts, wrong colour clothing in contrast to our skin tone, flat heals instead of heal shoes. it's so important to know that slim people the dress sense code too, once you get the basics of knowing which underwear to wear that is comfortable and properly sized to your body contours, you will instantly feel comfortable, which will help you to have confidence to where dresses that will exude confidence and self-respect, because you will look and feel comfortable and confident, which is so important for one’s self esteem.

Look more into Shapewear products to help reduce those areas that you feel embarrassed or self-conscious about and get that self-confidence running through your body again. But out of all the troublesome problems in clothing the bra is the number one issue which you must resolve by getting your sizing right, see my article that will guide you to a better way of making use of the correct underwear.

Focus on what to wear instead of what not to wear! It’s the feel-good factor, when choosing the right clothes to fit you. You should feel good in what you are wearing. The most common misconception people have about dressing slimmer is they have to wear black. While black does provide an overall sleek appearance, it's not the only path to a svelte look. The first piece of advice, know that you are normal and everyone's body is different!  Once you start looking at yourself through a less critical lens, fashion can be a lot of fun.

Here are her tips:

1. Go monochromatic
First off, wearing a monochromatic colour scheme is elegant and flattering to all body types, explains. Even wearing an all-white suit, for example, will look good on someone trying to dress slimmer because it doesn't chop up the body. The last thing you want to do is chop up your look with a different colour, which could make even a slim person look stocky.

2. Stop hiding behind baggy clothes
makes sure clothes fit you properly. Wearing clothes that are too baggy can easily add the illusion of five to 10 pounds to your frame and make it look as though you are hiding behind something, she says. On the other hand, wearing clothes that fit properly -- not too baggy and not too tight -- exudes confidence.

3. Add accessories
Accessories are a smart trick for looking slimmer. Adding bangles or a nice pair of Swarovski earrings is a great way to pull together a nice occasion wear, evening wear outfit and add a tasteful splash of colour to a monochromatic look. Accessories like a cute gemstone necklace or brooch draw the eye up, and toward your beautiful face.

4. Choose lower waistlines
when it comes to choosing the right pair of pants, your best bet is to stick with a lower waistline with a flat front and no pleats. A slightly lower waistline helps to elongate your look, she explains. Pants should be on the longer side so there is a nice break at the cuff. Boots will finish the look, lengthen the legs, and can add height and elegance, she says.

5. Bet on belts
Belts can also be a great tool when trying to accentuating dressing slimmer. Wearing a belt with a nice buckle lower on your hips will draw the eye to the belt and elongate your overall look, especially if the belt blends with your clothing colour. Belts can also help tie a look together, and are a very versatile accessory.

6. Skinny versus wide pants -- you can wear both
since skinny pants are still on the fashion clothing radar, there are ways to wear them and look streamlined. If you are going to wear skinny pants, pair them with a voluminous top or a long blazer. The same principle applies when wearing a wide-legged trouser. Pair them with a fitted shirt or jacket. The whole outfit shouldn't be completely voluminous or stick straight. But pairing one with the other makes it simple to dress both slim and stylish. If you are going to go with a skinny jean or pant, you can achieve a sleeker look with stylish boots worn over the pants.

7. Wear colour
Use bright colours wisely, since classic browns, beiges and charcoal grey looks good on everyone, just as bright splashes of colour as underpinnings to an outfit. Wear a rich magenta or deep blue camisole under a dark grey suit jacket to spice up your look without going over the top.

8. Flattering footwear
picking the right footwear is so important; choose boots as a no-fail option. Boots are flattering on everyone, and everyone can look sleek in a boot. If you are wearing a pair of jeans, just adding boots and a blazer will complete your outfit, and also be slimming. Heels, too, are slimming footwear, but stay away from ankle straps, which cut off the lines of the legs, she explains.

Wearing women’s fashion clothing stylishly that fits you well and that you are comfortable wearing, can help retrain you to appreciate your body.

After all, it's only when you are comfortable in your own skin that you can feel good in what you put on.

It is very important that the above tips can only be effective as long as you wear the right underwear that compliments your body. Wearing the wrong sized bra under a beautiful occasion wear dress will be ruined with a wrongly worn bra that will bulge and spoil the look that you are trying to attain.

Supportive Shapewear underwear will help to smooth and give a contoured shaping of your body when dressed in that favourite fashion boutique outfit you have spent money on!

     Fashion Boutique Clothing

Art of Vintage Fashion Photography

"Without leaps of imagination, or dreaming, we lose the excitement of possibilities. Dreaming, after all, is a form of planning."
Gloria Steinem
Writer and Journalist

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Accentuate Women’s Plus size for fashion

Plus size women’s clothing

Although the recession is starting to slow down, the debate as to why some designers are reluctant to make Plus Size Clothes, this has been a long standing debate for many years. The recession has changed a lot of things in the clothing industry; changes that I think will be permanent!
Value for money in retrospect is not about cheap clothing, it’s about quality, style and value in combination.

The true fact is that plus size clothing is expensive, due to the amount of material needed to create garments.
But on the other hand some may argue, why is it then that when Sales are on, it’s always the small sizes that are
left on the rail?
Although there are stores that provide a variety of plus size clothing, this in all honesty is not enough!

I don’t want to see the easy way out, by designers creating, drab looking, non- flattering, one size fits all culture!
I want to see more designers creating more beautiful cut, dresses, tops and coats that compliment and shape
beautiful curvy women.
There’s a lot of advice and tips out there, on the subject of women’s body shape!
Since the 50’s women’s clothing size measurement were established and created a general chart size for women.

Also on-going is the argument about zero sizing, well publicised amongst the press and women lobbying against the cruelty of young models demeaning themselves to appease to agents, fashion designers requirements!
The negative attitude attributed to this has been highlighted by the need of more plus size models in the fashion industry by Lorraine Kelly, who recently advertised for new up and coming models to become part of a plus size supermodel campaign!
Statistics of recent have proven that the actual average size to date is size 16!
So why has this factor not been represented in the fashion catwalk industry?
The pros’ and con’s debate about this could go on forever as to why more curvy shaped women can’t walk down the
more affluent fashion shows!
Setting aside this argument, I think it’s more to home in on women out there that require information to be more
frequent and transparent as to what is available out there for them and easy access to good sound beauty and fashion advice and tips that are actually for plus size women and not just a generalisation tip, that questions as to whether this is applicable to me as a plus size woman!
There are a lot of women out there that have curvy beautiful bodies, all women out there needs to be advised more mentally and physically!

Emotional Support

Whether you are a woman in transition to lose weight, or happily contented with yourself or you fall in the
category of being un-happy about their weight or your situation!
It’s so important to feel you have support from family, friends and people out there that are willing to help and
make you feel empowered with the optimism to change things around or if you are contented to feel even more appreciated.

“Pay more attention to wearing correct fitted underwear”


A number one let down for plus size women and it’s not your fault, it’s the fact that you are forced to wear miss-
managed underwear due to a number of factors, hard to find in your size, never looked into getting correctly fitted underwear due to the confusion of the sizing charts of the manufacturers!
Whatever the reason, you need to do something about it!

There are too many confusing contradicting information out there that at times maybe one needs a rocket science degree, to unravel the actual facts!
The best advice is to get the best information applicable to you and once you have them, you will still need to go
out and try until you get the best fit for your body!
To simply give in and adopt the one size fits all and be contented is simply not good enough for you as a person!

The Bra

There are no manufacturing standards for bras; there are so many methods and ideas to measuring yourself for a bra
that it’s become a minefield trying to find a best practice for measuring for a bra!
All store departments adopt their own individual sizing for the production of their bras, so what do you do? You
try to find the best method for yourself to obtain the correct measurement to fit the differing styles available on the market.
Wearing your bra incorrectly is massively broad scope amongst women, so be empowered with the following information
to make a better judgement to gaining a better fitting bra!
Areas of support that are neglected and incorrect, the straps and the cup they have been highlighted as being straps too loose and the cups too small.

Basic Bra Measurement – you still need to find a professional at a specialist store to establish a better fit bra size, but the below is just a basic start that will get you on your way

Before taking measurement

Try to get a friend or family member to take the measurements for youStand up straight, don't slouch, lean your head back slightly to help give a better shape to your shoulders and breathe normally
Wear a bra that you feel most comfortable in, but make sure you don't wear over clothing, like jumpers etc.

Band Size

Make sure you are wearing a bra that is comfortable for you, for best results use a cloth tape measure and run it

around the rib cage just under the bust at the centre of where the bra strap sits. The tape measure should be
tight, but snug and comfortable, ensuring that the tape measure is flat all the way round and flat at the back.
Take the measurement and to calculate what your band this is either rounded up or down by 1 inch, so if you measure

34inches that’s fine, if you measure 33 2/3, round it up to 34inches.

Bust Size

Measure loosely around the biggest part of your chest, keeping the measuring tape level and then take the figure to

calculate the cup size.
Measure around the fullest part of your bust, as a general rule its level along the line of your nipples.
For those of women that have sagging breasts, don't worry!  just pull them up by the bra straps, in order to

measure them at their fullest.
But if this is a difficult task, then ask a friend or your partner to help out.


Most calculators vary greatly and are generally inaccurate. The problem with online calculators is that they can

add up to 6in or more to your bust size measurement
Take your measurements, Bust Size and Band Size and to do this:
 Bust Size = +1 to +2in
Cup Size
Bust Size – Band Size = Cup Size in inches
 Sample: Band Size 33 Bust Size 39
 33 + 1 = 34 Band Size
 39 - 34 = 5in difference
Cup Size would be 34DD approx.


   Cup Size Chart

 A woman with those measurements would still also try 34D, 34DDD, 36D. It's important to try different sizes to see what provides the best and most comfortable fit and support.
Remember that measurements are only guidelines; you need to keep try different bras to achieve the right fit.
The band needs to sit flat across the breastbone, it should feel snug and you should just be able to fit two fingers under the band. The cups should not have any breast tissue spilling out the top. The strap length due to some women that have bad body posture, you don’t need to adjust your straps to the same length on each side.
Underwire of your bra should press on the bone, not breast tissue. The underwire should sit on your ribcage, encasing your breasts but not digging into them.

  Basic Bra Measuring Guide

Fitting a Bra Correctly  
Tip - One method to confirm that the bra is the best fit is a simple manoeuvre that allows the breasts seat naturally in the cup of the bra.
After identifying a well-fitting bra, glide leaning forewards, allowing your breasts to fall into the bra, filling the cup naturally, and then fasten the bra on its loosest hook. When you stand up again, using your opposite hand to place each breast gently into the cup (the lift). You then run your index finger along the inside top edge of the bra cup to make sure breast tissue doesn't spill over the edges.

Fitting a Bra Correctly 

Tip - One method to confirm that the bra is the best fit is a simple manoeuvre that allows the breasts seat naturally in the cup of the bra.
After identifying a well-fitting bra, glide leaning forewards, allowing your breasts to fall into the bra, filling the cup naturally, and then fasten the bra on its loosest hook. When you stand up again, using your opposite hand to place each breast gently into the cup (the lift). You then run your index finger along the inside top edge of the bra cup to make sure breast tissue doesn't spill over the edges.
Fitting a Bra Correctly 

Tip - One method to confirm that the bra is the best fit is a simple manoeuvre that allows the breasts seat naturally in the cup of the bra.
After identifying a well-fitting bra, glide leaning forewards, allowing your breasts to fall into the bra, filling the cup naturally, and then fasten the bra on its loosest hook. When you stand up again, using your opposite hand to place each breast gently into the cup (the lift). You then run your index finger along the inside top edge of the bra cup to make sure breast tissue doesn't spill over the edges.
Back Fat - Body Briefer 

Reduce flabby back rolls!
An incorrectly fitted Bra is a major factor in the appearance of your blouse looking bumpy because the bra isn't adjusted to your body contour!
Wearing a body shaper can prevent bra bulge! And also give your garments a smother lined look to your body.
Large Thighs - Shapewear or Hi-Waist Thigh Slimmer products

To make your thighs and legs appear smaller and shaped up, body-sliming underwear are an absolute must for your wardrobe. These fabulous underwear items configure according to your figure and make your over-chiselled thighs seem thinner than what they actually appear. Shapewear item make an excellent choice when you are planning to wear tight fitting outfits.
Muffin Top

Yes the dreaded muffin top, ok yes to reduce this exercise and diet will do the job, but if that is not an option then the next best thing for now would be to get either waist cincher Shapewear, Spandex Shapewear or Spanx Shapewear all are great products to help give you the lift and confidence you need to wear those clothes without the consciousness of knowing that those dreaded muffins spouting out all over.

Poor Posture

I think it’s easy to skate around this issue and incorporate varying exercise which may suit some but not all of you out there!
I recommend a long term progression of exercise that can be done in the comfort of the home and will benefit you mentally and physically. The below is a very useful way to give you added confidence and to tackle building your self-esteem with appreciating your body and doing something about improving your wellbeing.



Both these items can be obtained from Amazon, the left is a book and the one on the right is a DVD, that both give great insight to Yoga for the plus size as there are not too many exercise routines out there that cater for larger people and understand that not everyone is a skinny person!
Tummy pooch
One of the most popular types of women’s slimming Shapewear, is the flattering and effective tummy control pants, ideal for use under tight fitting dresses, skirts and trousers to create a smoother stomach line that you want to attain to be confident wearing your clothes again.
Look out for these two companies that will give you good knowledge and a heads up to the products and understanding about bra measuring in better depth:

Accentuating your body

Accentuating pertains to emphasising a part of your body you claim to be your best asset, such as your big blue, green or brown eyes, your thin waist, your curvy rear, your sharp feature face, your shapely chest, your legs!
Whatever the feature that stands out the best from you, work on emphasizing it in conjunction with the above changes above to give you a deserved make over!
Look how Kim Kardashian accentuates her best assets, be proud of who you are.


Some Tips

Wearing a belt the trick with big belts is NOT to add bulk – wearing it high on one side, cutting you in half diagonally gives you an instant tummy tuck. And wear the buckle on one side rather than on the front will de-emphasise your stomach. If you want to accentuate an hourglass figure wear a belt high on the waist.
Make-Up don’t forget make sure you use the right colour tone make up to accentuate the tone of your skin, especially if your eyes, lips and jaw line.

As a plus size woman buying clothes that are stylish are few and far, but when you do choose a style that is available, steer clear of fitted dresses, which will do it’s best to not show your best assets to the full!
You will be best to choose a jersey material fabric, it’s flexible and you can shape the contours to your body better, giving you a much appreciated accentuated style suited to you.

    Sample Jersey Style Dresses for Plus Size Women


    Plus size Women’s Fashion Clothing

As a plus size women, when it comes to designing a more stylish dress one of the questions that hangs in the air, is whether women prefer to have a bolero, whether they prefer longer arms when wearing dresses, whether there is too much cleavage showing in the style of v- neck or low cut dresses or whether the length of dress is too short exposing the knee?
Please comment on this to help develop more of what you want to see in an Occasion Wear Gown (Dress), Cocktail Dress!


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Milan Fashion Week 2012

Today ends the Milan Fashion Week 2012, one of the most important events in fashion world and, even if the collection presented were pretty nice, I have to admit only few of them really impressed me. Everything was already seen, I didn't find a lot of innovation but, in general, it has been pleasant.

Among different styles and collection presented, these are the ones that, personally, I liked the most:

Soft and elegant, the collection gives to women who wear it a romantic and sophisticated allure. Following the concept of lightness as liet motiv of the collection the designer uses soft and delicate fabrics like organza, tulle and silk enriched by crystal and pearl inserts and lace, based on pallet of colors that go from ivory to blue, to black. "I was feeling the need to design a collection of dresses in which women could move light and floating as if there was an absence of gravity yet being strong", said Alberta Ferretta after the show". Mission accomplished!

A nice show for the brand that has always been a guarantee of class and elegance. Shapes and volumes are well balanced between feminine silhouette  with strong details and classic must-have sweetened by ruffles and illuminated by gold touches or by floating and sophisticated feathers.

A feminine and practical collection, with linear and clean shapes sweetened by floral prints and neutral colors that, step by step, leave place to the timeless black that makes the dresses more sensual.

All the seductive strenght of animal print made more delicate by the discrete and  feminine elegance by the transparences and by laces that give a romantic touch to the collection that evolves, during the show, in amore hippy chic style, made more glamour and modern by the swarovsky and sparkle inserts.

Another time the designers find a great inspiration  into the sicilian folk traditions. Puppets, carts and ceramics insire the prints of the clothes with fun, energy and color that remind me the spectacular scenery of the folk festivals of a Sicily kissed by the sun.

For this collection Anna Molinari imagine an elven woman, who loves the simplicity and the softness of fabrics like lace and voile, the prints inspired by nature, based on pastel colors, and the elegance of black for the night, made more sensual by games of transparences on the dresses.

During the show the collection undergoes an evolution: from a girlish style, made by lively and other acid colors matched each other with a fun mix and match of fabrics and prints, to a more mature and sexy spirit with deep necklines and sensual transparences.

This collection, signed by Peter Dundas for Emilio Pucci, is inpired by the suggestive atmospheres of Indo-China. The party-girl proposed by the brand is sensual and elegant, with a glamour and oriental allure.

This collection seems to come out from the great 60's, the years of Twiggy and the revolution of the mini skirt. So, go with the classic bicolor suits with lively colors like apple green and pink, made more frizzy by metallic fabrics of skirts and pockets. A very cute collection, so funny and colorful.

In this collection king Giorgio proposes the minimal style and the rigour typical of 90's. So go with tailleurs and shorts with male cuts matched with flat shoes, to confirm a serious and rigorous look. But the woman imagine by Armani, at night shows off all her seductive power with metallic shorts and mini skirts keeping that look masculine that creates a stylish contrast.

Another nice collection ofr the brand that, this time, presents a fabulous collection ispired by the atmospheres of China that materialize in the prints of the clothes. Among floral prints, there also are butterlfies, parrots and flamingos that complete the language of the collection.

This year the brand celebrate the meeting between modernity and craft, crowned by the traditional handmade, trademark of the brand Fendi. For s/s 2013 Karl Lagerfeld proposed a collection inspired by the mix and match of materials, shapes and colors, with references to 60's.

The woman proposed by the brand  is romantic and refined, almost ethereal, wrapped by the softness of fabrics like lace, linen and silk and by games of volumes and decorations. The soft and clean shapes emphasize softly the silhouette and give an grace and elegance.

A minimal style, simple, clean and elegant in shapes and colors, made more sexy by the adding of animal prints and a sensual game of transparences and lenghts.

The travel is the inspiring theme of the collection. The designer Alessia Giacobino mixes customs, traditions, colors and materials of different cultures. The result is a style, perfect for daywear, glamour and chic, wereable even at night thank to sequin inserts and sensual veils.

For this collection the designer reinterpret the 50's style and shapes in rock version, played on contrast of materials, like leather/silk, and the adding of feather details or geometric prints.

Delicate, romantic and elegant in its simplicity the collection plays with floral prints, soft fabrics like chiffon, sensual transparences and soft and floating shapes. Another strenght of the collection is the pallet of neutral colors interspresed with other warm ones.

The inspiring theme of this collection is gipsy chic style, made by laces and prints, soft fabrics and maxi and mini lenghts.

The s/s collection is called "Minerals" and is inspired by the earth and its energies. Simple and clean shapes and basic colors give to the collection a refined and elegant effect.

This collection is a true explosion of colors, feminine and lively even in the hourglass and roundish shapes. Delicate and light fabrics, like silk and organza, and pastel colors that go from white to cream, from peach to turquoise, make everything more chic. 

A relaxed and practical collection, with long t-shirts and t-shirt dresses, but, at the same time, glamour and elegant thanks to silicone and lace inserts.

The woman proposed by Paola Frani for s/s 2013 has an exotic, colorful and feminine look, realized with fabrics like silk made more lively by prints and different combos. 

Pattern power: is the key concept of this femininine and sexy collection, made more seductive by the leather matched with lace and mini lenghts.

A romantic collection inspired by the heart's contraddictions with a dark spirit, like a modern Madama Butterfly who chooses oriental shapes like kimono sleeves and origami cuts.

Laces and prints are the main elements of this collection, delicate and sexy at the same time. Leather, necklines and sparkle effects are other distinctive characteristics.

It's a basic but glamorous collection, simple and elegant, made sexy by the wise use of metallic materials and leather.

This feminine and sensual collection, shows off references to the California's beauties  of 70's and characters like Farrah Fawcett with dresses that emphasize the curves, inspired by lingerie and safary style, like a modern and sexy Charlie's Angel.

And you? What is your favourite collections?